Portland SCAA 2012 Episode 4

dirty somebody up
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One Comment

  1. Douglas
    Posted July 4, 2012 at 2:39 am | Permalink

    had a great time at SCAA. really cool. occasionally over-whelming. soooo much great coffee and so many free samples. first time i’ve ever been so caffeinated that i threw up. my favorite part: meeting roasters and producers/farmers, especially the Pacific rim folks. i had no clue Taiwan grew coffee! they also do fantastic work roasting. i got to hang out and talk with Simon Hsieh (Aroma Roast, i think?) and try free samples. he had some young couple from Hawaii there and was doing automated (seriously?!) pour-over of their coffee: damn it was good! if i hadn’t met them in person i wouldn’t have believed them to be legitimate producers, processors and roasters. very young, maybe 30. highly recommended.
    the Ka’u is really nice, so is there Puna stuff. who knew Puna was a coffee growing region in Hawaii??
    and to think i was going to walk away from that convention drooling over every other coffee in the world except for a Hawaiian. weird. i’m going to keep an eye on them.